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Do They Really Know What We Want?

Posted by Lynn on March 17, 2008


While running through my normal sites, I ran across this excerpt in Gizmodo. It seems that Samsung knows what women want as far as their cellular phones go.

Female applications such as shopping list function, calorie counter and perfume matching system. WTF? The perfume matching system is based upon your favorite foods, drinks etc. As far as real specifications, nothing unique to be found here. They play MP3s and AACs, have a 2 mega pixel build in camera and for expansion, room for a micro SD card.


Now from a female’s perspective, what I would like to have in a phone designed specifically for women, is a hell of a vibrating function! Who cares about how many little pink faux diamonds you can stick on your phone! Perfume matching system? Ridiculous! Why don’t they just create a odor sensor that tells you if your BO is kicking off the charts.

Cell phone manufacturers are going crazy these days trying to figure out what people want as far as features go, but my question is, how many women did they actually ask what type of features they would like to see in a phone? A calorie counter? Now the bulimics of the world can really go crazy with this. OMG! I had one too many Twinkies today! What to do? That is a great way to keep those with insecurities even more insecure with themselves.

Great job guys! Can’t wait to see what you do for features for a “male’s phone”. Maybe a built in pheromone spray. It sounds just as absurd.


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