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Archive for the ‘Video’ Category

Playing with the Big Dogs

Posted by Damon on March 17, 2008

From IEEE:

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Wanted – Trailer

Posted by Damon on March 13, 2008


I apologize for such a focus on movies lately, there’s just so many trailers coming out lately. This is the last one for a while, I promise (I hope). Wanted is a movie that I caught a trailer for a while back and it looks awesome and will be out on July 27th! Assassins, defying the laws of physics, Angelina Jolie and lots of action, how can you pass that up. The trailer speaks for itself so here it is, the Wanted trailer.

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Lost Boys: The Tribe – Trailer

Posted by Damon on March 13, 2008

the_lostboys2.jpg recently released the world premiere trailer for The Lost Boys: The Tribe, the long awaited sequel to the original The Lost Boys that will hit rental shelves in July, yep, a straight to DVD movie. I am up in the air about this one, The Lost boys is a classic and I’m not sure it warranted a sequel but that doesn’t mean it will suck (heh suck). The sequel is set 21 years after the original movie which coincides with the fact it is coming out 21 years after the original. There are definite links to the original movies like The Frog brothers and the Coreys (both Haim and Feldman, time has not been kind to either). None the less, here it is, the trailer for Lost Boys: The Tribe after the jump.

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The Incredible Hulk Trailer

Posted by Damon on March 12, 2008


Well as promised, here is the OFFICIAL trailer for the newest incarnation of the not so jolly green giant, The Incredible Hulk! To be honest, not too shabby, I am kind of impressed with what i saw but what I didn’t like was The Abomination (Tim Roth). He kind of looked like a giant boney meat puppet on steroids. Oh well. The full trailer after the jump.

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Fatboy Kitten – Joker Style (DethCatz Premiere)

Posted by Damon on March 11, 2008


Hiz! I iz Ollie, is shortz fer Oliver. Me iz da new riter hur, I’z will do da DethCatz. Iz artikle bout catz and kittinz, noes dogz, dogz r bad. Dis iz hard to tipe wit no thumz! So i’z stpz. Video iz belo, clickz it and enjoyz. i go nom nom nom nowz! Tankz, me luvz u, byz now.

Pz.Sz. yez dats me in da piktur. iz so sexi.

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